Trolleite Pendulum (Faceted)
Trolleite Pendulum (Faceted)

Trolleite Pendulum (Faceted)

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A faceted Trolleite pendulum with a plain top. Comes with a velveteen pouch.

Tolleite is unique combination of Lithium, Lepidolite, Blue Tourmaline and Lazulite. It has a calming energy. Crystal of manifestation and connects you with your soulï¾’s purpose to bring your dreams into your reality. Opens the doors to new opportunities, positive energy, and confidence. Activates and works with all chakras, making it a perfect tool for energy workers. It enhances your spiritual powers and strengthens your intuition. Helps you release fear and negative emotions to guide your body, mind, and spirit to enlightenment.

Please keep in mind every pendulum is different in color/shape/size. Yours may not look exactly like the picture but each one is unique and beautiful in its own way! Let the universe guide us in choosing the one meant for you.

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