Chakra Pendulum (Goldstone)
Chakra Pendulum (Goldstone)

Chakra Pendulum (Goldstone)

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Goldstone Chakra Pendulum

Pendulum top is made of 7 gemstone chips representing the 7 chakras. (stones may vary from picture)
1st chakra (red/black)
2nd chakra (orange/blue-green)
3rd chakra (yellow)
4th chakra (pink/green)
5th chakra (blue)
6th chakra (Indigo)
7th chakra (golden,white)

Comes with a velveteen pouch.

Goldstone: A man-made stone. Its sparkle is due to flecks of copper.

Said to be the stone of ambition. Builds energy, courage and a positive attitude. Increases drive and confidence. Gently uplifting stone, promotes vitality. Helps to reduce stomach tension and benefits arthritic conditions. Helpful to bones, painful joints and circulation. Chakra(s): (gold) Sacral. (blue) Throat.

Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. Activates and opens the base and sacral chakras, advancing the stabilizing energies of intuition, sexuality, desire, and vitality - directing these energies toward the pursuit of ones path of evolution. It allows to recognize the barriers which are in the path of ones development. It can conduct electrical impulses and magnify the energy transfer.

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