Easy Shopper Pendulum Kit (6 Pendulum / Jewelry Combo)

Easy Shopper Pendulum Kit (6 Pendulum / Jewelry Combo)

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With one click to your shopping cart you receive 6 pendulums and 6 velveteen pouches for an awesome value. You will receive a mix of Drop, Faceted, Foucault, Fancy and/or Smooth pendulums (our choice of mix).

These unique chakra pendulum are 3 items in one. A pendant, a bracelet and all together a pendulum. Simply unhook the part you would like to use, and wear.

This kit was created to help "Brick and Mortar" retailers and cyber stores as a way to save time from going through the site and hand selecting pendulums. These pendulums are made of good quality natural minerals that make for quick resale.

This photo is a sample of some of the pendulums you may find in your kit, actual selection may vary.

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